Dear Friend, from the 23 to 26 March 2017 in the beautiful small village of Podresca, in the uncontaminated valley of the river Judrio, that separates Italy form Slovenia, I will hold the first international Intensive on Self-Awareness. WHAT IS AN INTENSIVE ON SELF-AWARENESS? It’s a three days retreat, fully dedicated to the discovery of who you really are. Everything takes shape within ourselves: what we do and do not want, our values, the way we communicate with others, our actions, the results we achieve and the direction in which we are headed. Like a stamp, we replicate our inner world on our lives an infinite number of times. We can choose to keep or to let go what we know, but what we don’t know becomes visible only when it’s already stamped on an outcome on which we have no control.

How well we master our lives depends on the knowledge we have of ourselves. Even though we already know many things, we can become more aware of who we are and discover a whole new world previously unseen. The personal maturity that this discovery brings along leads to a better life.

The Intensive on Self-Awareness is the perfect context to achieve an authentic personal growth: to increase your awareness, learn to be here and now, strengthen your choices, and acquire a higher and more refined expression of yourself.
The participants can dedicate themselves to the quest without distractions, focusing exclusively within, in order to investigate their identity in its most intimate nature: the essence of self. All participants can communicate, express themselves, connect to others in a safe environment of trust, openness and deep respect.
The technique used for the self-research is simple and sharp. Like a path, it leads to an incredible journey into oneself and it brings along a more profound insight of life.



AVIANO (PN), 14 March 2017, 20.30
The presentation will be held at Sala Conferenze Casa dello Studente,
viale San Giorgio 19, Aviano (PN)
Free entrance
I hope to see you there!
Giulio Frasson

Click here to read and download the course brochure:
Intensive on Self-Awareness, Podresca (UD) 23-26 marzo 2017
Domenica, 26 Marzo 2017

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